Tuesday, May 10, 2011

catching fire part 1

This book starts out with katniss back in district twelve left to face the consenquences of her actions in the hunger games. After not killing peeta and desiding to end both there live by eating the berries they have made the capitol very angry with them. president snoiw comes to katniss's house befor there tour begins of all the districts. President snow comes to tell katniss that they have been watching her and they know about gale. the capital even knows that they have kissed befor in the woods. the president says that she has to convinvce everyone they are truelly in love or els bad things will happen to the people that katniss loves.

Friday, April 22, 2011

gales feelings

while katniss and peeta are representing district twelve in the hunger games. i can only imagine the pain that gale feels. he must love katniss just as peeta does. except everyday gale has to watch peeta and katniss together in the cave. Gale must really be hurt. in the beginning of the story it tells us how gale wanted to run away with katniss and live in the forest. Also he has to watch the girl he loves fight in an arena to the death against all odds. the reunion between the two will reveal how he feels. And we will find out if peeta and katniss have a future or gal and katniss.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Humger games: current

katniss enters the Hunger Games no longer in communication with any of her teachers or peeta. katniss still doesn't know weather she is to think of him as an Ally or enemy. she knew she needed weapons of some kind. Ignoring her teachers, as soon as the contestants were released she bolted to the nearest bag of equipment and had to wrestle a boy for it. Also a girl tried to kill them while they were struggling by throwing knives at her she used the backpack for defence and also gained a throwing knife of her own. for days she walked and ran for as long as she could trying to separate herself from the other contestants. many canon shots were fired of this indicating someones death in the arena. Katniss climbed up a tree until she couldn't anymore and set up a sleeping bag to stay there for the night. After a while of resting she heard something coming out of the trees. its a group of people the careers or contestants from districts 1, 2, and three a long with peeta.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The hunger games part 1

The story starts out by katniss hunting in the wilderness. she explains the situation of her life and district twelve. she shares that her father died in a coal mining accident, and that she has to support her family because her moms is very depressed. she has a friend named gale who hunts with her and is going through the same conflicts as her. between all the districts there is a game called the hunger games. In every district there is a rafle to select the competetors in the game, which is a fight to the death. If you enter your name in the rafle more then just one time you could get more oil and grains for your family. katniss must do this and hunt to keep her family alive.

Friday, February 25, 2011

dune part 3

After lady Jessica got the knife the story switches topics and starts focusing on Paul. After eating spice for the first time Paul is investigating his new room, feeling the effects of the spice. Clearing his mind in the ways of the Bene Geserite like his mother taught him he notices a master seeker. This is a remote controlled assassin very small and set off by the slightest motion. Paul knows he must be very still and must somehow catch it.As the seeker is searching the room for Paul, he hears footsteps going to the door. Set off by the motion at the door the hunter seeker flies to stab the intruder. Paul quickly grabbed it out of the air, and saved shadow Mapes life. She lets him know that there is a traitor in the house Atreides.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dune Part 2

Duke leto and the Atredies arive on dune.Everyone is givin stillsuits which are suits that preserve and recycle your bodies water.Lady jessica is told to inspect the new castle and tell the servants where to put stuff. She meets a woman servant, Shadow Mapes. She informs Jessica that she is a fremen (which are the natives and secret poeple of dune). Their eyes are Blue within blue, because of the melange (spice) saturated in there blood. Shadow Mapes gives jessica a knife that is made from the tooth of a sandworm. She tells Jessica that it is very sacred and should only be revealed if it is to draw blood.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sandworms on dune

this is a diagram about the sand worms found on Arrakis they are very deadly. in the story the Fremen use there teeth as knifes, and also for transportation. In the story duke Leto and Pual with other military commanders, went on a trip to see a harvester and its procedure to gain spice. the duke ends up spotting a sand worm and informs the harvesters at work. They don't have a ship to save them so the duke ends up having to pick them up and carry them back to the castle.